Wednesday 15 March 2023, 09:00

FIFA outlines technical development offers for member associations

  • Global Football Development Brochure published for 2023-2026

  • FIFA encourages member associations to continue to put in place the resources, programmes/strategies and infrastructure required for the development of the game

  • The development of talent to increase global competitiveness remains one of FIFA’s major ambitions

FIFA has published the Global Football Development Brochure for 2023-2026, which presents the programmes and services that will be available to FIFA member associations over the next cycle (2023-2026) to grow the game even further. In order to successfully implement football development programmes, the necessary resources and infrastructure must be put in place alongside programmes/strategies and long-term plans. Sustainable results often take time to come to fruition and the FIFA Global Football Development Division offers its expertise and support to FIFA’s members. The development of talent to bridge the gap and increase global competitiveness remains one of FIFA’s major ambitions. “Every talent should get a chance and each member association should have at least one academy or centre of excellence by 2026 to enable them to work with the ‘best with the best’ principle,” says Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development. “At the same time, we want to grow the game even further and give everybody the opportunity to play football and stay in the game.” In the first implementation phase of the 2020-2023 period outlined in The Vision, FIFA worked towards achieving a greater geographical proximity to its member associations. It also laid building blocks for further growth through many examples of reinforced governance structures and development of professionals and systems operating within them. In 2022, the FIFA Technical Division was renamed as the Global Football Development Division to reflect the all-encompassing nature of its work, including everything from amateur football to high-performance football. Additionally, in 2021, the FIFA Training Centre – FIFA’s online educational platform – was launched as the go-to place for top-class technical information together with the Technical Development Platform, which member associations will use to apply and register for FIFA’s technical development programmes. Visit the FIFA Training Centre for further details of the technical programmes on offer.