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Tuesday 31 October 2023, 16:05

FIFA receives declarations of interest in hosting FIFA World Cup™ editions in 2030 and 2034

  • Morocco, Portugal and Spain confirm interest in hosting FIFA World Cup 2030™, with Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay confirming interest in hosting celebratory games

  • Declaration of interest from Saudi Arabian Football Federation received for FIFA World Cup 2034™

  • This first step will be followed by thorough bidding processes for both FIFA World Cup™ editions, with the hosts to be appointed by the member associations gathered at FIFA Congresses

FIFA has received the following declarations of interest as per the bidding process and regulations approved by the FIFA Council on 4 October 2023:

FIFA World Cup 2030

  • Moroccan Football Association

  • Portuguese Football Federation

  • Spanish Football Association

Centenary celebration:

  • Uruguayan Football Association (one match)

  • Argentinian Football Association (one match)

  • Paraguayan Football Association (one match)

FIFA World Cup 2034

  • Saudi Arabian Football Federation

As established in the Bidding Regulations approved by the FIFA Council, the FIFA administration will conduct thorough bidding and evaluation processes for the 2030 and 2034 editions of the FIFA World Cup, with the hosts to be appointed by FIFA Congresses expected to take place by Q4 2024.

In accordance with these regulations, the FIFA administration will conduct a targeted dialogue with bidders, to ensure complete, comprehensive bids are received and evaluated against the minimum hosting requirements as also previously approved by the FIFA Council. This dialogue will focus on the defined priority areas of the event vision and key metrics, infrastructure, services, commercial, and sustainability and human rights. Following this, FIFA will publish its evaluation reports and, should those requirements be met, the member associations gathered at the FIFA Congress will appoint the hosts of the respective competitions. All relevant documents, including the bid books and the bid evaluation reports, will be published on

The minimum hosting requirements form the basis of the bidding processes, as outlined in the following documents:

Further details on the bidding processes are available on the respective microsites: