Friday 07 April 2023, 07:15

South American Technical Directors develop leadership skills at FIFA seminar

  • Technical Directors and their assistants from all 10 CONMEBOL member associations attended

  • Seminar hosted in Montevideo and also featured CONMEBOL’s Development Director

  • Core focus was on developing leadership skills

Technical Directors and their assistants came together to review and enhance their leadership skills at a three-day FIFA seminar between 29-31 March in Montevideo, Uruguay. The seminar followed on from similar events held in Honduras, Ghana, England and the Philippines. Representatives from all 10 South American member associations were joined by Clarence Acuña, CONMEBOL Technical Director as they explored the importance of developing purposeful relationships, interpersonal skills and impactful influence and persuasion.

“The opportunity to invite all Technical Directors and their assistants enabled us to provide a range of learning and practice situations that were very much reality based and linked to case study material” explained Jamie Houchen, FIFA Head of Technical Leadership. “The seminar provided a safe place to reflect, and to better prepare them as leaders, so they can implement and apply the key learnings back in their respective technical departments. As Daniel Banales, FIFA’s Regional Technical consultant highlighted “FIFA’s objective is not only to support the technical experts develop their skills, but also to ensure they are given the opportunity to maximise key programmes such as the Talent Development Scheme. “By accelerating the leadership knowledge, it empowers them to address local challenges as they seek to drive development forwards within their member association.

How did some of the participants evaluate the seminar? Luis Gimenez. Technical Director, Venezuela Football Federation “I am leaving with the commitment to better lead the 30 million Venezuelans in our country. I want my decisions to be able to influence and improve their quality of life and provide greater opportunities through football. I aim to create a culture of feedback with my team, to multiply our efforts, regulate and avoid a cycle of stress and be consistently more productive. This, and cultivating interpersonal relationships are three important takeaways for me.” Ricardo Arancibia, Technical Director, Bolivia Football Federation “Three fundamental pillars we learned are: leadership theory, planning, and self-regulation; to be able to manage how we feel. To manage our emotions and control our actions in situations of stress and pressure. I am convinced this workshop will benefit our development as managers, as well as benefit the entire federation.” Fernando Bocca, Technical Director, Ecuador Football Federation "The course has shown us, that if there is no communication, there is no leadership. A communication based on empathy and active listening, as well as motivational components is key. We left the room with many new strategies, that I aim to implement immediately.”