Tuesday 04 June 2019, 10:27

#FanMovement at the #FIFAWFC2019

FIFA is powering a global Fan Movement to encourage conversation around football. It is designed to create, connect and champion global football communities. FIFA currently supports over 400 passionate football fans around the world through this movement.

The goal of the Fan Movement is to facilitate discussions, enabling fans to share their football-related stories, opinions and activities. The Fan Movement serves to amplify the voice of football enthusiasts around the world, both inside and outside FIFA.

This year, we aim to expand the Fan Movement community. Therefore, for the first time ever, football fans around the world are now able to apply to join the Fan Movement!

Similarly, we believe that it’s key to have fans in the room at FIFA events, because without fans, there is no football.

On that note, we’re excited to have ten Fan Movement members joining us at this year’s inaugural FIFA Women’s Football Convention. Moreover, on Thursday, 6 June, two members will take the stage to be interviewed by Karina LeBlanc.