Tuesday 26 April 2016, 14:26

EPTS workshop hosted in London

The Premier League has hosted the third workshop of the Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS) expert group. The participants represented top leagues, professional clubs, national teams, The IFAB and FIFA. The aim of the expert group is to develop a global standard for EPTS devices, including wearable technology systems.

The IFAB approved the use of EPTS devices in principle in March 2015 and gave FIFA’s Football Technology Innovation Department the mandate to develop a global standard for such devices. At The IFAB’s AGM in March 2016, a proposal for the development of minimum requirements for the general use of EPTS devices in football, as well as a standard for professional football, was approved.

The standards will include minimum safety requirements for players, provisions around data protection, as well as performance requirements of the systems for the elite football level. A wider consultation process with stakeholders including FIFPro, sports scientists, performance analysts and experts of other involved areas has been carried out since the beginning of the year.

The first findings were discussed at the expert group meeting in London today.

"I am pleased to be involved in the process of supporting the evolution of technological innovation within football. The proposed introduction of standards to regulate the responsible use of EPTS devices within the laws of the game is seen as advantageous to both the performance and media aspects of the game", says Steve Palmer, former professional player and now Head of Performance Systems at the Premier League.

The outcome of the meeting will serve as the basis for the development process of a global standard and the related selection process of a research partner. The next meeting is scheduled for November where the first draft of testing methods and requirements will be discussed within this group.