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Tuesday 02 May 2017, 09:00

Outcome of second meeting of Governance Committee

The Governance Committee held its second meeting on 12 April, and, among other issues, decided the following:

1 – To propose to the Council a set of amendments to the FIFA Governance Regulations with regard to eligibility checks and third-party declarations. These amendments are aimed, in particular, at strengthening and rendering more efficient the eligibility checks, and at increased transparency on potential conflicts of interest.

2 – To propose to the Council the adoption of a FIFA Human Rights Policy, the text of which was agreed by the Governance Committee after consultation with the external Human Rights Advisory Board and the FIFA administration.

3 – To adopt and publish a set of Guidelines on Monitoring the Elections for the FIFA Council, which is one of the tasks of the Governance Committee.

4 – To adopt and publish a set of Guidelines for Promoting the Involvement of Women on the FIFA Council.

Both of these sets of guidelines are aimed at making the work of the Governance Committee more transparent and at helping the confederations to comply with FIFA rules and principles. Both sets of guidelines are available on on on .

The Governance Committee was set up following the reforms approved by the Extraordinary FIFA Congress in February 2016 and its main role is to deal with, and advise and assist the Council on, all FIFA governance matters. The committee, together with its sub-committee the Review Committee, also supervises elections for the FIFA Council, including determining the eligibility and admissibility of candidates.

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