Friday 26 January 2018, 08:52

Technical capacity-building programme to suit everyone’s needs

The new programme on FIFA’s technical capacity-building is based on one important cornerstone: offering support in an efficient manner, tailor-made to the needs of each member association. In order to introduce this new approach, FIFA has put together a comprehensive catalogue of activities and services from grassroots to elite level, for both men’s and women’s football.

“The world of football has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and every country faces its own challenges in coping with these changes. If we want to promote the game worldwide, we must be ready to meet the needs of each territory and each member association. This is the idea behind the programme that offers such a vast array of different possibilities to enhance the capacity of technical staff of each member association,” says FIFA’s Chief Technical Development Officer, Marco van Basten.

Member associations can apply for workshops and mentoring for their technical staff. “First and foremost, we want to focus on reinforcing the skills of those who work for or on behalf of each member association. They can make a difference in the development of football in their own country. The typical refresher courses for coaches and referees in the field will of course still be available. However, it is our intention to eventually make the member associations more independent. With better quality in each member association, this approach will hopefully lead to more sustainable development and growth in all nations,” says FIFA’s Technical Director, Steven Martens.

“In our effort to bring women’s football to the mainstream and double the number of female football players worldwide by 2026, the technical capacity-building programme will be even more significant since there is a bigger gap to bridge,” says FIFA’s Chief Women's Football Officer, Sarai Bareman.

The process is based on a three-step approach:

  • Regional activities will be organised for the member associations’ technical leaders (Technical Directors, Heads of Coaching, Grassroots Football, Women’s Football, etc.) and instructors to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, and to provide training to those who train coaches and referees;

  • Individual consultancy, guidance and mentorship will be available to meet the specific needs of these technical leaders and instructors; and

  • Refresher courses for coaches and referees in the field focusing on concrete technical challenges specific to each member association will continue to be available for the time being.

“Through this programme, we really want to make an impact on technical leadership by helping reinforce it in each member association. This involves a lot of effort, both from FIFA and the member associations. It is our duty to ensure that member associations are effective and tackle the right needs,” says FIFA’s Technical Director, Steven Martens. “They must make a concrete difference.”

You can find out more information about FIFA’s technical capacity building HERE

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