Tuesday 19 March 2024, 14:30

Excitement rises on the eve of the FIFA Series

  • 24 member associations will play matches across five venues

  • Ahead of the full roll-out in March 2026, the pilot project will run from 18 to 26 March 2024

  • FIFA President Gianni Infantino: "More meaningful matches will enable far more valuable footballing interaction for players, teams and fans, and will make a concrete contribution to the development of the game.”

The FIFA Series during the upcoming Men’s International Match Calendar window in March 2024 will see world football’s governing body support its member associations in organising international friendly matches comprising four national teams from different confederations in a single host country, with six groups in total. The initiative will provide member associations with a more regular opportunity to face national teams from other continents, which will serve to unlock technical development opportunities previously unavailable to many of them. For many football-loving boys and girls, the dream of pulling on their national shirt and lining up as their anthem is played is one that drives many onwards and upwards. Not many however go on to have the honour or privilege. With the opening games of the FIFA Series approaching, we take a look at the growing excitement as member associations, coaches and players embark on a unique journey.

Guyana Football Federation President Wayne Forde

“This is the first edition of the FIFA Series and the Guyana Football Federation is very proud that we have been selected to be part of this inaugural initiative. “I know this is an exciting experience for the players and the coaching staff and we look forward to them having a tremendous experience and of course delivering memorable results for the nation.”

Cambodia winger Nick Taylor

"I think it's great that FIFA is organising this new tournament. It's great that it allows countries from different continents to play one another. We’ll be facing two African teams, which is a rare opportunity for us. It allows us to experience different styles of football, meet different players and face different challenges. I think the FIFA Series will be great for us, the national team, and also for FIFA in the long term."

South Africa head coach Hugo Broos

“Certainly, I am also looking to the future. I said it already, there are a few players in our group who will be 35, 34, 36 when the FIFA World Cup is jointly hosted in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America in 2026. So yes, we have to look for replacements also. Firstly, we have to see those games as an opportunity to give new players, younger players, to show if they are at Bafana Bafana level. "Secondly, we are playing against two different styles of opponents. On one side you have Andorra and you can compare them to Namibia. So, a tough team, a team who will wait and try to be dangerous in transition. On the other side you have Algeria. They have a new coach, they will have new players also. So, it will be a good test for those new players who are with us to prove themselves."

Bermuda Head Coach Michael Findlay

“International football is a privilege for players and being invited to the FIFA Series is an honour and privilege for the players along with the BFA which speaks to the Association's vision for football and the respect they are developing within the football community. "Being afforded a high-quality training environment along with two international matches provides the opportunity to work with the players and prepare the team accordingly for round two of 2026 World Cup Qualifying when we will play Antigua and Barbuda and Honduras in June.” “It gives us an opportunity to do a number of things. The staff really wants to have a good look at what the future looks like. It gives us a great opportunity to integrate these players and see how they do among the rest of them. The nice thing about this set-up for us is that it sort of mirrors what we’re trying to do when we come to June,”

New Algeria Head Coach Vladimir Petkovic

“The results may not be immediate, but the FIFA Series matches against South Africa and Bolivia are important for the team’s development and cohesion. We face two teams with different styles of play, and we’ll adapt accordingly after the first match against Bolivia.”

Tanzania Coach Hemed Morroco

“These matches are excellent and crucial for us because they will help build our players and elevate their standards. These competitions will also aid our team in fostering good chemistry within the squad respectively.”

Vanuatu Football Federation President Lambert Maltock

"We have full faith in our squad to represent Vanuatu with pride and professionalism during these important friendlies. This trip not only provides valuable international exposure for our players but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and sportsmanship between nations."

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