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Wednesday 04 April 2018, 07:52

FIFA’s Bureau of the Council establishes Congress Review Working Group for Football Federation Australia

FIFA’s Bureau of the Council today established a Congress Review Working Group (CRWG) for Football Federation Australia (FFA). This follows the recommendation made by the FIFA Member Associations Committee on 4 December 2017 and the recent visit to Sydney by a joint FIFA-AFC delegation.

The main objective of the CRWG is to propose a new composition of the FFA Congress to ensure a broader and more balanced representation of stakeholders in line with the requirements of the FIFA Statutes, in particular art. 15 (j).

The CRWG will be chaired by an independent person and comprise representatives of the Football Federation Australia Board, the member federations, the Australian Professional Football Clubs Association (APFCA) and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA). The CRWG will be based on terms of reference elaborated by FIFA and shall seek input from relevant stakeholders.

The CRWG will conclude its mandate and submit its proposal to FIFA and the AFC by 31 July 2018. The proposal will be subsequently submitted for adoption to an FFA Special General Meeting by no later than 7 September 2018.