FIFA Quality Programme for VAR Technology

Following the successful implementation of the certification process, it has been mandatory since the 2022/2023 season for video assistant referee (VAR) technology to be certified. The certification status of any such technology is validated by FIFA as part of the Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme (IAAP).


Figure: Certification process for VAR systems to receive approval for use in competitions

Test protocol and certification

VAR systems are integrated into the broadcast set-up by collecting the broadcast feed and transmitting it to the video operation room (VOR), where the VARs are located. Within this set-up, the FIFA Quality Programme test protocol focuses on evaluating three technical aspects that have a direct influence on the video output. These aspects are:

  • Synchronicity

  • Latency

  • Video quality

FIFA currently certifies VAR technologies to either the FIFA Quality or the FIFA Basic standard. VAR technologies that successfully pass the test are certified by FIFA until the end of the relevant certification cycle during which they were tested. The current certification cycle ends on 31 December 2027. To extend the certification period of a VAR system, providers must participate in an official VAR test event in the 12 months prior to the end of the cycle.

Providers wishing to obtain certification for their VAR technology need to follow the official application process and participate in an official FIFA test event.

FIFA currently offers two licensing tiers for VAR technology: FIFA Quality, to help VAR providers promote their systems; and FIFA Basic, which provides certification to a non‑commercial standard. Both are based on independent testing to show that the technology fulfils the minimum requirements for use in football. To obtain certification, VAR providers* should follow the guide entitled “How to obtain certification for VAR technology” and submit their application documents to the FIFA Quality Programme.

*The VAR licence is not available to VAR technology system integrators. Such companies can instead request an inspection of their systems within the IAAP process.


VAR Technology

The use of video assistant referees (VARs) in football was first included in the Laws of the Game in 2018/19. FIFA assesses the technological aspects of VAR systems through the FIFA Quality Programme for VAR Technology.

FIFA Quality Programme for VAR Technology

The FIFA Quality Programme complements the Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme and administers the licensing process for VAR providers.

Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme for VAR technology (IAAP)

The Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme (IAAP) was approved during The IFAB’s 132nd Annual General Meeting on 3 March 2018.

VAR at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™

The team consists of the video assistant referee (VAR) and his/her two assistant video assistant referees (AVARs). All of them are top FIFA match officials.

VAR at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

For the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, the referees have received clear instructions on when to accept information from the video assistant referee and when to review the video footage on the side of the field of play before taking the appropriate action/decision.

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