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Fédération Internationale de Football Association

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Wednesday 26 May 2021, 18:19

FIFA kicks off consultation process on the future of global football

  • Open platform with key topics under discussion

  • Initial exchange with players and coaches

  • Further consultation with football stakeholders to follow

Beginning today, FIFA has launched a consultation process among stakeholders to reflect on the future of global football, with particular attention on:

  • Planning and shaping the football of tomorrow with the ambition to improve the quality of football globally;

  • Organising meaningful competitions for fans without adding dates to the current match calendar or even reducing them for both the men’s and the women’s game;

  • Considering the sporting factor as the main priority, giving every country and every talent a chance;

  • Impacting the global competitive balance;

  • Improving the experience for players and fans;

  • Observing and preserving the well-being and health of players;

  • Respecting the global competitive balance of football at national team and club level; and

  • Investigating the Laws of the Game that follow and influence the evolution of the sport and the introduction of technologies.

Under the leadership of FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, Arsène Wenger, the consultation process will involve all key football stakeholders’ groups such as players, coaches, clubs, leagues, scientist/medical doctors, media, commercial and broadcast partners and fans, as well as representatives from confederations and FIFA’s member associations.

The aim is to conduct a comprehensive analysis taking into account the diverse views and interests of global football, with no predetermined objectives, and with an open mind in search of better solutions for the common good of the game.

The first brainstorm session held virtually today, and attended by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, involved a group of top players and coaches from all around the world focusing on men’s football topics. Women’s football aspects will follow.

In parallel with the stakeholder consultation, a study will be conducted which will focus on a range of aspects, and in particular on the sporting side.