Sunday 07 July 2019, 17:18

FIFA Young Player Award

Germany's Giulia Gwinn won the FIFA Young Player award. The award was created to recognise the impact made by young footballers in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The tournament is constantly being rejuvenated by fresh talent – many of these players are relatively unknown even before the opening ceremony, but emerge as household names after the event.

The award will be presented to the player with the biggest impact at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France™. Technical qualities such as skill, style and charisma are taken into account, but so are other important factors such as a sense of fair play and a genuine impression that the player is playing for the love of the game.

Recognising the Young Player is a valuable promotional tool for football, and an important moment for the future career of the triumphant young player.

  • Exceptional skill level

  • Youthful and refreshing playing style

  • Creativity and inspiration

  • Tactical maturity and efficiency

  • Fan recognition through entertaining performances

  • Role model for young players

  • Positive attitude and fair play

Previous Winners:

  • 2019: Giulia GWINN (GER)

  • 2015: Kadeisha BUCHANAN (CAN)

  • 2011: Caitlin FOORD (AUS)