Football is for everyone. We are committed to protecting and promoting all human rights and fighting all forms of discrimination, at all levels.  

To mark this year’s 75th celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, FIFA and UN Human Rights (OHCHR) joined forces during the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness to end discrimination in football and to promote inclusion.

Unite for Inclusion. Support UN Human Rights.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. UN Human Rights is the leading body at the UN in this field.

Representing the world’s commitment to the promotion and protection of all human rights, and freedoms, UN Human Rights has a unique role in helping to empower people and assisting global authorities to prevent abuses and conflict.

DISCRIMINATION of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of race, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, religion, political opinion or wealth, birth or sexual orientation is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Article 4 of the FIFA Statutes

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