Wednesday 20 February 2019, 10:20

The stars' tips to becoming a FIFA pro

  • The pros give pointers on getting to the top

  • Belief and thinking like a professional is key

  • Hitting pro level? They give you tips on finding a team

Got aspirations on being the next MsDossary, Tekkz, nicolas99FC or Gorilla but not sure what to do next?

We spoke to some of FIFA 19’s biggest eSport pros to give you a few pointers.

Steps towards becoming a pro

Believe in yourself


“Follow your dreams. You just have to believe in yourself and take the opportunities that you get. In FIFA 17 I qualified for one tournament and that has just built me a path that I’m living off. Stay at it, keep on working hard.”


“It’s impossible to become a pro player over one or two days, it takes years. It takes so much work and they must go for it. It will come if they believe in it.”


“If you really want to become a professional player you need to believe in yourself. You need to never give up, grow up and keep your head up.”

Train often and test yourself


“Just train, play and don’t forget to have fun. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating but at the end of the day we all play this game because we like football and we like FIFA.”

'AFC Ajax Joey'

“Put in the work no matter what. It’s going to be hard at first. Ask pros for matches, see where you are compared to them, then just keep on working on your game.”

'Hashtag Ryannn'

“Use the things at your disposal on Ultimate Team; the likes of rivals and weekend league. If you test yourself against top tier players and keep practising, you are bound to increase your skill.”

Adopt a professional approach

'Ajax Dani 46'

“You need to do everything to focus, eat well before you play, sleep well, it helps a lot.”


“Save video clips – that’s what I do if I have a really good game or a I have a terrible game – and watch them back. You just have to learn from your mistakes and not worry about losing.”

'AFC Ajax Joey'

“Try, if you can, to watch your own games, because that’s a big part of growing as a player. You need to see where you’re messing up and where you can improve. Once you do that, you can compete at the top level.”

Getting signed to a team

Perform and get noticed

'Hashtag Ryannn'

“Getting signed is just about having the ability to qualify for these events. The moment you qualify it is pretty much guaranteed teams will come in and try to sign you, especially if you do well.”

'AFC Ajax Joey'

“Put your name out there, get on social media in the scene, make your name known there and qualify for events. Once you qualify that’s only the beginning but once you do that you should be alright.”


“If you lose you can’t go on Twitter and say bad things about someone, you have to be a professional if you want to be in an eSports team. A lot of guys are watching what you say, little kids too, so you have to be a role model they can look up to. Combine that with good performances and you’ve got a good chance.”

Wait for the right team


“Join the team that feels right at the time. Trust your gut and then that will most likely be right for you.”


“Don’t be rushing. Everyone has to find what suits and fits them the best. You might see a team that has the glamour, the fame or the money but having a good team behind you will make you do well.”