Saturday 24 September 2016, 12:31

Seven reasons why you will love FIFA 17

Fans itching to get their hands on FIFA 17 have just a few days left to wait before the game is officially released on 29 September. The sense of anticipation is mounting, and those unable to kick their heels until then can head to the FIFA World Football Museum on Monday for an official presentation of the game and the chance to be among the first to play it.

For everyone else not lucky enough to be in Zurich for that special event, now reveals seven reasons why you are sure to be wowed by the innovative latest edition.

1 A brand-new game engine Under the surface, FIFA 17 is powered by an all-new beating heart: EA Sports Ignite Frostbite. Already used by several EA titles, this game engine allowed developers to push the limits of realism in player and stadium modelling, while also introducing sweeping innovations. "The move to Frostbite allowed us to develop new features that were not supported by the previous engine including the new cinematic story mode in FIFA 17, The Journey," explained Ed Kilham, technical director of the FIFA series.

2 A unique journey This new game mode puts players in the boots of Alex Hunter, a young football prodigy who dreams of breaking through in the Premier League. Your performances on the pitch and decisions away from the action all have a direct influence on the evolution of your career, as well as your relations with your coach, team-mates and supporters. The Journey offers the unique experience of an inside look at the football world.

3 Gameplay redesign Thanks to the new game engine, the latest edition benefits from a thorough redesign in terms of playability. This in-depth rethink has paved the way for new possibilities while retaining the legendary gameplay of the FIFA series. Fans of the game will immediately feel at home while discovering new techniques, especially in attack, with players now enjoying fresh options for dribbling, dummying, passing and shooting – all with a view to creating chances and scoring incredible goals.

4 New physical interactions Using Pushback Technology, FIFA 17 offers a new collision system and overhauls the way in which players come into contact, shield the ball and defend. The battle to win and keep possession has never been more authentic, with player behaviour stunningly realistic in challenges on the ground or in the air.

5 Active intelligence With artificial intelligence taken to new heights, players now move around the pitch like never before, better analysing space and spotting attacking opportunities to optimise their decision-making. Whether you choose to run onto the ball, wait or launch a fake run, every possibility from the sport itself is at your disposal.

6 Set-pieces  Among the game's most innovative features, the set-piece mechanics break exciting new ground. Corners, free-kicks, penalties and even throw-ins have been completely redesigned to provide more variations, control and creativity from dead-ball situations.

7 Endless possibilities On top of these new features, the game modes which have made the series such a thrilling success have all been retained and improved. With new licences, FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode and women's football, a staggering amount of content is sure to keep even the most ardent players busy for a very long time.

Reckon you have what it takes to be a champion? Grab your copy fast and start training! The 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup kicks off on 1 October, with a new format for the tournament set to be unveiled on Monday.