Monday 09 January 2017, 23:04

Neid: This is icing on the cake got the thoughts of the winner of The Best FIFA Women's Coach 2016, Silvia Neid, moments after The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony.

“This was a huge honour for me to win this award again. Somehow, this is also the icing on the cake. We won the gold medal in Rio and winning this award is another icing on the cake. I am just happy and it was a nice evening. I'm looking forward to getting some other input and now I can watch a lot of men's football. As a coach, you are always busy with your team. Now, I just have more time for other things. I'm really looking forward to the European Championship in the Netherlands. This is practically next door. I will analyse them with a team. Not just the German games, but all the games. I'm looking for trends in women's football and I'm trying to push the development forward.” The Best FIFA Women's Coach 2016, Silvia Neid

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