Friday 24 April 2020, 11:00

FIFA eFriendlies Home Show live on

  • FIFA will host two entertainment shows with featured eFriendlies

  • Footballers, eSports players and special guests appear

  • Live on Friday and Saturday on FIFA’s digital channels

As part of FIFA’s initiative hosting global inter-nations friendlies on FIFA 20, an entertainment show of selected exhibition matches will be hosted on FIFA’s digital channels on Friday and Saturday, featuring special guests such as Michael 'MegaBit' Bittner and Adebayo Akinfenwa as well as friendlies with footballers and eSports players competing against each other on the virtual pitch.

The showcase broadcast will be live streamed from 6 to 8 pm on Friday and from 2pm to 4pm (CEST) on Saturday on, alongside other FIFA digital channels such as Twitch or Facebook.

The following games and players will be featured as part of the livestreams:


Norway (Andreas Bakken, eSports player) vs. Denmark (Frederik Fredberg, eSports player)

Peru (Yordy Reyna, Vancouver Whitecaps) vs. Mexico (Rodolfo Pizzaro, Inter Miami)


Germany (Michael Bittner, eSports player) vs. Poland (Miłosz Bogdanowski. eSports player)

Champions’ game: Alfonso Ramos (World Champion 2008, 2012) vs. Francisco Cruz (World Champion 2011)

The show will be hosted by TV presenter Layla Anna-Lee and Hashtag United owner Spencer Owen. The games will be commentated by the eSports commentators Brandon Smith, Richard Buckley, Mark Hatcher and Dan Gaskin.

Don’t miss the show and tune in on this Friday and Saturday.