Friday 24 May 2019, 17:00

Fans' Favourites

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Football is nothing without fans. The beautiful game is so popular around the world because of its unique ability to bring people together.

So we want to know what's on your mind each week. Which videos do you keep coming back to? Or has there been a fascinating feature on your favourite team or player that deserves wider viewing? Submit your thoughts via social media with the hashtag #WeLiveFootball, and we'll pick the top ones to showcase here.

With domestic campaigns across the world reaching a climax, and the FIFA U-20 World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ taking over, there are plenty of moving moments to select. Here are your picks, courtesy of FIFA's Fan Movement and social media.

A Royal Team Talk

From Francesca Teh (Australia) Mental health has been identified as one of the biggest issues affecting men in the UK, and frannyteh watched the country's future king, Prince William, sit down to discuss the difficulties that former England international Peter Crouch and current star Danny Rose have overcome in their lives.

Olivia plays strong

From Olivia Hancock (England) The 13-year-old equality campaigner LittleOlivia7 gave a moving speech at the #WePlayStrong panel event ahead of the UEFA Women's Champions League final in Budapest. The audience, which included UEFA's Head of Women's Football Nadine Kessler and professional footballers Nadia Nadim, Petronella Ekroth, Laura Feiersinger and Sarah Zadrazil all listened intently to Olivia's emotive message.

Praying to the goalpost God

From Debanjan Banerjee (India) This incredible video from footytraveller shows a remarkable ritual in a region of India. Before the season begins, fans, players and those connected with a number of football clubs perform a religious ceremony involving the respective team's goalposts to help their side's fortunes in the coming season. A must-watch!

Brilliant Oranje

From Nikita Nijhuis (Netherlands) The Netherlands U-17 team were mightily impressive in securing their status as continental kings for the second successive UEFA U-17 EURO edition. Their performances caught the eye of nikitanijhuis, who shared the best moments from their 4-2 final win against Italy.

Meet Pato (not that one)

From Patrycja Jerzak (Sweden) There's a new face on the YouTube football scene, even if the name seems somewhat familiar. TheyCallMePato has started a new channel because she thinks there's a dearth of women's footballers on the platform.