FIFA Women’s Development Programme

Women’s Football Campaign

Encourage participation in women’s football at a grassroots level

This programme provides a unique platform for associations to encourage participation in women’s football at a grassroots level, whilst promoting the game and activities that the association has in place.

Children want to socialise, hang out with like-minded children, improve their own abilities, be ambitious, be able to play without judgement, make their own decisions, and play in small-sided games. This is a tool that allows member associations to meet these demands, whilst using the momentum to establish new competitions (grassroots, youth and senior), school leagues, international tournaments, etc.


With the implementation of this programme, FIFA aims to meet the following objectives:


Organise football events to boost existing projects/competitions or kick off new projects/competitions

Tailor-made approach

Ensure a tailor-made approach to every member association by providing conceptual support


Identify ambassadors to help raise the profile of women’s football and advocate for access and equal opportunities


Attract and introduce new players to the game of football in a fun and engaging way

Application Process
FIFA encourages its member associations to apply for programmes that fit their needs and that are in line with their own women’s football strategy.
Who can apply?

The Women’s Football Campaign is designed to support associations in delivering grassroots and small-sided football events to boost the participation of young girls and promote existing competitions and programmes.

How to apply?

All applicants need to submit an application form, together with documents confirming that they meet the criteria before the closing date of the application process.

Girls benefit from the programme because it allows them to play in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment. They also develop life-skills and form new friendships, something that particularly appeals to younger girls in sport.

Sue Ronan

Women’s Football Consultant

FIFA Support

FIFA will help the member associations and the participants in different ways:

  • Promotional T-shirts, footballs

  • Two years of support

  • Up to USD 10,000 per year

  • Instructional handbook


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