In the FIFA Training Centre, coaches of all levels and age-groups can explore a breadth of cutting-edge training sessions, analyses and related video content designed to enhance their impact on the game. 

FIFA Training Centre

The FIFA Training Centre aims to inspire, support and educate via cutting-edge content. Develop your tactical knowledge through world-class analysis of the best competitions around the globe, supported by practical recommendations by world-leading technicians. Arsène Wenger shares his invaluable knowledge from a lifetime of working with the best coaches and players in the world.

The Game

As a game, football involves many layers. Over the years, many have dedicated their lives to gaining a better understanding of the game’s dynamics with a view to introducing innovations in the way the sport is played. Featuring plenty of insightful resources developed by the sport’s leading experts, this section helps coaches in their journey to gain a more comprehensive grasp of the game.


In order for players to fulfil their potential, they must be exposed to the right type of practice throughout their development. This section offers coaches a vast range of training sessions aimed at cultivating the essential skills and qualities that players require to thrive on the pitch. The content features sessions for all levels, from grassroots to elite, and all age groups, from young children to adults. The elite training sessions are based on game scenarios, whereas grassroots sessions focus on the basics and are arranged by age group.


When it comes to performance levels, every detail counts. A high-performance environment enables players and coaches to develop in a sustainable and holistic way that has been proven to offer them an edge on the pitch. In this section, individuals who have successfully established such an environment reveal the keys to the process.

Game Library

With its wealth of video clips extracted from FIFA’s very own international tournaments, the Game Library provides real-life examples of the concepts that are elevating the way football is played. Coaches can deepen their understanding of the game by browsing through our extensive archive. Clips are organised by moments of the game, with options to further refine filters to the needs of the coach.

Innovative FIFA Training Centre launched

The FIFA Training Centre has been launched as an innovative tool that is available to players and coaches all across the world.

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