Violence against women and girls remains the most widespread and pervasive human rights violation worldwide.

According to UN Women, one in three women experiences physical or sexual violence, and the immediate and long-term physical, sexual, and mental consequences for women and girls can be devastating, even fatal.

Violence against women and girls affects us all - families, communities, and nations.

FIFA and UN Women partnered to raise awareness of the dangers to those at risk and to campaign for ending violence against women and girls.

Pledge your support for ending violence against women and girls.


UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide, and ensure that every woman and girl lives up to her full potential.

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UN Women supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality, and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide.


The FIFA Guardians Safeguarding in Sport educational programme is available to everyone, no matter what sport or sector. Designed to share best practise, the programme provides online courses alongside valuable resources.

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