The FIFA Clearing House (FCH) is an integral part of FIFA’s ongoing commitment to introducing fundamental changes to the football transfer system. The idea of establishing a clearing house came from the FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee and was then endorsed by the FIFA Council back in October 2018, as part of the first reform package of the transfer system. There is still a significant imbalance in world football and insufficient rewards for training clubs. To help remedy this, the FCH will ensure that training rewards (training compensation and solidarity contribution) are paid to the clubs that deserve them. It is expected that thanks to the FIFA Clearing House, the amount distributed each year to training clubs will raise significantly.

The main objectives of the FCH are to:

  • centralise, process and automate payments between clubs, initially relating to training rewards (training compensation and solidarity contribution); and

  • promote financial transparency and integrity, and avoid fraudulent conduct in the transfer system.

This project has been endorsed by numerous stakeholders, such as former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) and the European Parliament in its report on EU sports policy.