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As an integral part of the Football Regulatory Subdivision, the Agents Department is primarily responsible for leading FIFA’s strategic project of the re-regulation of the football agent industry in accordance with FIFA’s Strategic Objectives 2024-27. The project started in late 2017 with consultations with member associations, stakeholders and agent organisations and has now been implemented with the approval of the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations. 

The Agents Department manages the procedures relating to disputes involving Football Agents decided by the Agents Chamber of the Football Tribunal and the licence applications to become and remain a FIFA-licensed Football Agent.

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For the time the injunction is in effect, Football Agents domiciled in Germany will not be displayed in this directory.

Key Areas
How to become a licenced Football Agent

Find out more about applying to become a FIFA licenced Football Agent and the necessary steps to take.


In accordance with the FIFA Vision 2020-23, FIFA is continuously investing its resources into education and growth of all groups involved in the international transfer market and offering world-class education courses and certifications.

Agents Chamber

As an important step in ensuring that any disputes concerning the Football Agent Services are resolved fairly and equally for all participants in the transfer system, FIFA dispute resolution systems are being reintroduced under the FFAR.

FAQ & How to contact us

Here you can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about the Football Agent Regulations. Watch this space: we will update it to reflect the questions we receive.

National Football Agent Regulations

Each member association must implement and enforce national football agent regulations by 30 September 2023 with the aim of regulating the activity of Football Agents at national level.

Agent Platform

To obtain a licence to act as a Football Agent, you must apply via the FIFA Agent Platform.

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