Already in its fourth edition, the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration (FIFA EPSA) is becoming an institution, focusing not only on educating legal practitioners on sports arbitration but most importantly on creating an indispensable bridge between theory and practice and providing an opportunity for participants, arbitrators and lawyers to benefit from direct exchanges. FIFA is the most active international federation in adjudicated cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), with practically hundreds of disputes annually. Disputes that range from appeals to its disciplinary decisions to cases deriving from the resolution of its judicial bodies on contractual disputes or on other decisions passed by its executive bodies. Due to the success of the previous editions, the FIFA EPSA will continue to take place on an annual basis and we will build on our experience to improve not only the teaching material but also the experience for the participants. As for the third edition, all modules will be onsite and hosted in three different football locations, which provide participants with an opportunity to have a meaningful football experience.

Who is it for?

Why should I apply?

Who can apply?

Lawyers with an interest in sports law and/or inhouse legal counsel of confederations, member associations, clubs, leagues, player unions, etc.


• Availability to personally follow on-site the three modules over the course of four days each for lectures and active participation. • Preparing practical cases in advance based on materials provided at the beginning of each module.


• In-depth analysis of the different types of procedures and leading cases of CAS • Practical guidance in resolving disputes before CAS • Introduction to other sports-related arbitration models in sport • Mock hearings based on leading CAS cases

Module 1. 9-12 October 2024 (Miami, USA)

Introduction to the CAS and its proceedings • CAS: history and structure • ICAS (International Council of Arbitration for Sport) • CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration • CAS proceedings: • The Ordinary Arbitration Procedure • The Appeal Arbitration Procedure • The CAS Anti-Doping Division Procedure • Ad-hoc divisions • Other arbitration models in sport: the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal, the North American professional leagues system, etc. • Practical exercise: statement of appeal

Module 2. 6-9 November 2024 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Fundamental aspects of CAS proceedings • Initiation of the procedure: seat, language, time limits, formation of the panel, appointment of the arbitrators • Costs of the arbitration proceedings: amount, advance of costs payment, share of costs • Procedure: written submissions, bifurcation, jurisdiction, applicable provisional and conservatory measures, additional submissions, hearing, expedited proceedings, applicable law to the merits • Types of evidence: exhibits, witnesses, expert evidence, request for evidentiary measures, evidentiary measures requested by the panel • Proof: burden of proof and standard of proof • Hearing from the arbitrator’s perspective: opening statements, witness and experts’ testimonies, and closing statements • The award; potential remedies before the Swiss Federal Tribunal • Practical exercise: appeal brief and answer to the appeal

Module 3. 29 January - 1 February 2025 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Cas leading cases in sport • CAS landmark decisions in football • CAS landmark decisions in disciplinary and ethics • CAS landmark decisions in anti-doping • CAS landmark decisions at the Olympic Games • Other CAS landmark decisions • Practical exercise: moot court case

Application process

The admission process will be open from 26 April until 28 June 2024. Applicants should fill out the respective application form. The application should be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae. Letters of recommendation are welcome, but a maximum of two may be submitted. All applicants will be informed accordingly.

Programme Methodology

The three modules, all of which will be held exclusively in English, will combine theory and real practical cases, with the graduation ceremony taking place in Zurich (Switzerland).


Any questions related to the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration can be addressed to: Educational Board Email: legal-diploma@fifa.org

Previous Editions

FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration - 3rd Edition

The third edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration ran from September to December 2023.

FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration - 2nd Edition

The second edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration was held in 2022 between 3 February and 10 April.

FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration - 1st Edition

The first edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration was held between 5 November 2020 and 31 January 2021.