Compensation Transparency

FIFA’s commitment to transparency across the organisation, a key principle of FIFA extends to the disclosure of the compensation paid to the key members of FIFA’s senior management, the chairpersons of its committees and the members of the FIFA Council.

In line with FIFA’s commitment to both transparency and accountability, this section details the compensation paid to FIFA Council members, the FIFA President, the FIFA Secretary General, and members of FIFA’s committees for the period of 2018. The individual annual compensation of the President, the vice-presidents, the FIFA Council members and the Secretary General, as well as of the chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of the independent committees and standing committees, are published annually.

As defined in art. 51 of the FIFA Statutes, FIFA’s Compensation Sub-Committee is responsible for defining the Compensation Rules and determining the compensation of the President, the vice-presidents and members of the Council, as well as of the Secretary General. No other parties may define the compensation of these individuals.

The Compensation Sub-Committee approves the contract of the FIFA President and the contract of the Secretary General. It is the Compensation Sub-Committee’s duty to monitor compliance with the compensation rules.

The Compensation Sub-Committee convenes as often as necessary.

You can read about FIFA’s annual compensation for 2020 here.

Last updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 17:17