FIFA Club Benefits Programme


The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was designed to recognise the contribution which football clubs make to the success of staging the FIFA World Cup™.

A share of the benefits from hosting the tournament is distributed through the Member Associations to clubs, who released the participating players.

Key Programme Aspects

FIFA implements the FIFA Club Benefits Programme to promote international football and compensate teams who release their players for the tournament.

Recognise the key contribution

The Club Benefits Programme (CBP) is meant to share the benefits of the FIFA World Cup and recognise the key contribution of clubs around the world to the successful staging of the competition.

Pre-Tournament Compensation

Compensation is not only paid to the club with which the player was registered with when he was released for the FIFA World Cup 2022, but to all clubs for which the footballer has played in the two years prior to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Tournament Compensation

Clubs are rewarded for each day the players remain in the competition, including official preparation period and regardless of the minutes they play. Clubs are also rewarded if a player made the final squad list, but was then replaced due to injury before the first match (both players count).

How do clubs benefit from participating at the FIFA World Cup 2022™?

FIFA distributes USD 209m to clubs across the world, with clubs from all 6 confederations receiving a share from the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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How do clubs benefit from participating in the World Cup?

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