Living Football | A vital medical protocol in Qatar, a key environmental campaign and an inclusive sticker album

01 November 2022

The last episode of Living Football before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ looks at some keys issues relating to the competition, which kicks off on 20 November in Doha. FIFA Medical Director Andrew Massey talks about the various processes that will be implemented at the World Cup, among them the new FIFA Medical Concussion Protocol. “The concussion protocol is a step-by-step guide for team doctors and medics, alerting them how to best treat concussive or potentially concussive injuries in football. The latest episode of Living Football also features ex-France international and World Cup winner Marcel Desailly, who talks about the role he took up as a champion of the environment after retiring from the game. As part of FIFA’s Green Card for the Planet campaign, he will be highlighting the importance of recycling during the tournament. The last item in this episode of Living Football is devoted to Pedro, a Brazilian youngster whose passion for World Cup stickers is undimmed by his blindness and who came up with a braille version of the Qatar 2022 album. His ingenuity has led on to something much bigger, as FIFA Senior Licensing Manager Alessandro Villa explains.