1st Edition - 2020/2021

FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration


The first edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration was held between 5 November 2020 and 31 January 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the international restrictions in place, the programme offered online modules.

Module 1. 5-8 November 2020

Introduction to the CAS and its proceedings

• CAS: history and structure. • ICAS (International Council of Arbitration for Sports). • The CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration. • CAS proceedings: - The ordinary arbitration procedure. - The appeal arbitration Procedure. - The CAS Anti-Doping Division procedure. • Ad-hoc divisions. • Other arbitration models in sport: The Basketball Arbitral Tribunal, the North American professional leagues system, etc. • Practical exercise: statement of appeal.

Module 2. 10-13 December 2020

Fundamental Aspects of CAS Proceedings

• Initiation of the procedure: seat, language, time limits, formation of the panel, appointment of the arbitrators. • Costs of the arbitration proceedings: amount, advance of costs payment, share of costs. • Procedure: written submissions, bifurcation, jurisdiction, applicable provisional & conservatory measures, additional submissions, hearing, expedited proceedings, applicable law to the merits. • Types of Evidence: exhibits, witnesses, expert evidence, request for evidentiary measures, evidentiary measures requested by the panel. • Proof: burden of proof and standard of proof. • Hearing from the arbitrator’s perspective: opening statements, witnesses' and experts’ testimonies, and closing statements. • The award: Potential remedies before the Swiss Federal Tribunal. • Practical Exercise: appeal brief and answer to the appeal.

Module 3. 28-31 January 2021

CAS Leading Cases in Sport

• CAS landmark decisions in football. • CAS landmark decisions in disciplinary and ethics. • CAS landmark decisions in anti-doping. • CAS landmark decisions at the Olympic Games. • Other CAS landmark decisions. • Practical exercise: moot court case.