12. COVID-19 Relief Plan – grants (stage 3)

COVID-19 Relief Plan – solidarity grants02,000
COVID-19 Relief Plan – women’s football grants1,5004,500
COVID-19 Relief Plan – confederation grants00
Total COVID-19 Relief Plan – grants (stage 3)1,5006,500

Approved by the FIFA Council in 2020, the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan made USD 1.5 billion available to support all 211 member associations and the six confederations to help alleviate the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It consists of three stages: 1 and 2 were linked to the existing FIFA Forward Programme, and stage 3 provides for further financial support via a system of grants and loans that enable member associations and confederations to use the available funds as they see fit and thus help safeguard football in their region from the adverse economic effects of COVID-19. Details of the COVID-19 Relief Plan grants (stage 3) are as follows: COVID-19 Relief Plan – solidarity grants relates to a universal solidarity grant of USD 1 million made available to each of the 211 member associations. Of this total entitlement of USD 211 million, USD 210 million had already been recognised by 31 December 2023 (2022: USD 210 million). In order to protect women‘s football and to ensure its healthy resumption, dedicated funds were also made available under COVID-19 Relief Plan – women’s football grants, with USD 0.5 million being paid to each member association. The total available is USD 105.5 million, of which USD 101 million had been recognised by 31 December 2023 (2022: USD 99.5 million). COVID-19 Relief Plan – confederation grants concerns a basic solidarity fund of USD 2 million to each of the six confederations for a total of USD 12 million, all of which was expensed in 2020.


11. Marketing & TV Broadcasting

13. Expected credit losses of receivables and contract assets